🏆 The first Mathematician of the week is Hannah 🛩ī¸

The first Weekly Winner in the Line Zone is…

Hannah WestđŸĨ‡

Hannah is using maths to help improve the delivery of treatments for cancer and to design fighter jets🛩ī¸

Who do you think should win?

Look through all the mathematicians’ profiles, use Ask to send them your questions, and Vote, for your favourite person to be next weeks winner!

You get a new vote every week. The mathematician with the most votes at the end of the Line Zone wins a ÂŖ500 prize for more STEM outreach activities. So choose wisely!

Posted on November 6, 2020 by modalex in News. 2 Comments.

2 Responses to 🏆 The first Mathematician of the week is Hannah 🛩ī¸

  1. alanwalker says:

    Congratulations on becoming the first Mathematician of the Week!

  2. hannahwest says:

    This is super sweet! Thanks everyone who voted. Really enjoyed chatting to you all.


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